World Dance Reviews: AscenDance Project Dazzles Boulder at 2009 Aerial Dance Festival

by Donald K. Atwood MFA, Ph.D

Von Rittberg has already taken this performance modality well beyond “gimmick.” Instead she is in the midst of defining an art form, and all the vocabulary therein. She has, in fact, created a choreographer’s dream. Who could not watch this performance and not imagine what can be done with that wall and what she has invented? But beware – it is not for the faint at heart. Von Rittberg has not only invented an art form and a beginning vocabulary for it, but that art form requires incredibly strong performers to make it happen. Von Rittberg and Gaunt are well served by not only their strength and flexibility, but long lean torsos and amazingly long limbs. The torsos and limbs may not be absolutely required, but the strength and flexibility is. As is a sense of performance and a deep understanding of music – some of which comes from Von Rittberg’s family including her brother, Marcus, some of whose music she used.  Read the article