Heart Space-smallFestivals have offered beautiful settings and dramatic backdrops such as the San Francisco Union Square and the Tennessee River. 8,000 audience members migrated to Coolidge Park to witness the River Rocks Festival closing ceremony put on by AscenDance Project. By combining dance, climbing and music, this show can be appreciated in various locations and by any audience. Whether at dance performances, art festivals or climbing competitions, AscenDance adds a unique element to your event.

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The three members of the AscenDance Project, dressed in white and with sculpted bodies even Chattanooga’s finest yogis would envy, drew oohs and aahs from thousands who came out to watch their climbing-dancing performance Saturday night at Coolidge Park… an estimated 8,000 was at the closing ceremony.
Chattanooga Times


Isabel von Rittberg’s choreography flowed beautifully, and was executed perfectly … The dancers were as poignant and graceful as they were strong and steady. The vignettes provide commentary on the rhythms which dictate our lives. Each piece communicates different emotions, feelings, and situations, from a love story to individuals scaling the same high cliff face. … I highly recommend that you take advantage of ANY opportunity to see this group. An incredible and moving performance!
Zachary S. on Yelp